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If you are experiencing technical problems with a file that you downloaded from the Archives, please check the 'Read Me' that came with the file for contact info on the developer. If that option is not available, please use the Forums to post your question.

I do apologize but I can not offer technical assistance for any of the downloads available on this site, or with Railroad Tycoon in general.
I also can not help with any operating system or any other computer issues.
Please use the Forums for any questions and/or technical issues regarding any version of Railroad Tycoon or any computer issues.

The answers to your question might help someone else. The answer you seek may also already be in the forums.

Thank You!

If you are trying to sell me any SEO services, or any other such triviality, be advised - you will be ignored.

ATTN: Earthlink and Mindspring users:

Please see this post in the forums as to why you're having problems registering.
Contacting me with this form will not help because I can't reply to you for the same reason.

Unfortunately and are now blocking email from the IP address this site is hosted on.

Also, if you use Gmail, make sure you check the spam folder. Gmail has recently decided that email from this domain is spam.

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