Steamtown National Historic Site
Scranton, Pennsylvania

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4-8-8-4 Big Boy
Big Boy_0011030 X 774 Big Boy_0021030 X 774 Big Boy_0031030 X 774 Big Boy_0041030 X 774 Big Boy_0051030 X 774

The Rest of Steamtown
Steamtown_0021030 X 774 Steamtown_0031030 X 774 Steamtown_0041030 X 774 Steamtown_0051030 X 774 Steamtown_0061030 X 774
Steamtown_0071030 X 774 Steamtown_0081030 X 774 Steamtown_0091030 X 774 Steamtown_0101030 X 774 Steamtown_0111030 X 774
Steamtown_0121030 X 774 Steamtown_0131030 X 774 Steamtown_0141030 X 774 Steamtown_0151030 X 774 Steamtown_0161030 X 774
Steamtown_0171030 X 774 Steamtown_0181030 X 774 Steamtown_0191030 X 774 Steamtown_0201030 X 774 Steamtown_0211030 X 774
Steamtown_0221030 X 774 Steamtown_0231030 X 774 Steamtown_0241030 X 774 Steamtown_0251030 X 774 Steamtown_0261030 X 774
Steamtown_0271030 X 774 Steamtown_0281030 X 774 Steamtown_0291030 X 774 Steamtown_0301030 X 774 Steamtown_0311030 X 774
Steamtown_0321030 X 774 Steamtown_0331030 X 774 Steamtown_0341030 X 774 Steamtown_0351030 X 774 Steamtown_0361030 X 774


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