Railroad History Around the World

The articles here delve into various aspects of the Railroad Industry, such as the history of railroads around the world, and other topics of interest.
Some of the articles were written by members of the forum here and others were found on the Internet.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Added: May 27, 2013

French Railway History
English PDF   |   French PDF   |   Spanish PDF
by Henri (cheminot) Fouilhoux
Men of the 'Iron Road'
by Grant Sinclair
Railroad Curves and Earthwork - 1889 & 1894
21 MB PDF - by C. Frank Allen SB
Railroad Engineer's Practice - 1883
6 MB PDF - by Thomas M. Cleemann A. M., C. E.
Theodore Judah and the Blazing of the first Transcontinental Railroad Over the Sierra Nevadas
132 KB PDF - by J. David Rogers, Ph.D., P.E.
Economic results of diesel-electric motive power
7 MB PDF - by H. F. Brown Ph.B.
The End of Steam in America
by William Sherrick
History of the Swedish Railway
by Erik (besterik) Haraldsson

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