Design & Concept by Nedfumpkin
See Trainmaster.rtf for additional credits (found in the main directory of the installation)

TM Map Archive
Updated: June 5, 2013

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Trainmaster is the result of several months of editing, testing, and more testing to fine tune the end product.

It is designed and built for a more in-depth immersion into the world of the Industrial complex, adding to the overall concept of the 'Railroad Tycoon'.

You can read more details in this thread.

Please scroll down the page for other needed items to make Trainmaster work properly.
Neither the English or German versions come with campaigns or scenarios.

Added: 2/14/10
Trainmaster - V-1 - 108.1 MB
Read Me
Extra files needed!

Added: 4/25/10
Trainmaster - V-1 German - 138.65 MB
Read Me
Includes passenger cars and troop cars.


Added: 7/27/10
Trainmaster Patch - V-1.1 - English - 30.23 KB
Read Me

German Patch Updated: 2/15/12
Trainmaster Patch - V-1.1a - German - 35.78 KB
Read Me

Added: 4/25/13
Trainmaster V-1.0 MSI Installer - 126.61 MB
Read Me

Additional Required Files

Download the 3 files below (all 3 required).
Read Me

Added: 2/20/10
Campaign Files 1a - 175.22 MB

Added: 2/20/10
Campaign Files 1b - 144 MB

Added: 2/20/10
Campaign Files 1c - 32.46 MB

You will also need one of the following two Express Car & Troop Carrier Sets:

Either this set -
Updated: 12/13/09
TM Express Cars German - 13.84 MB

- or this set
Updated: 10/23/10
Default Express Cars - Blue - 8.31 MB


Either this set -
Updated: 12/13/09
TM Troops German - 5.43 MB

- or this set
Added: 8/14/10
TM Troops Canadian - 5.09 MB


Added: 10/2/10
Trainmaster Canadian Express Cars - 12.25 MB
Read Me

Optional Files

Added: 3/21/11
Trainmaster - No Apes - 401 KB
Read Me

Added: 8/20/10
Campaign files 3 - 1.12 MB
Read Me

Updated: 4/12/10
Campaign files 2 - 7.48 MB
Read Me PDF


Canadian National Express Cars
Added: 9/26/10
TM CN Express Cars 1950 - 7.17 MB

Canadian Pacific Express Cars
Added: 8/17/10
TM CP Express Cars 1950 - 6.93 MB


Added: 2/21/10
Trainmaster Supply Chain Guide PDF - 448 KB

...and for those that want to develop

Added: Oct. 10, 2009
Ned Fumpkin
TM Rolling-Stock Developer Kit - 85.43 MB

Please read the Read Me before attempting to utilize this kit.


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