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Added: 10/24/15
Auto Plant Upgrade Bug Fix - 53 KB
Read Me

See this thread in the forums for details.

Ned Fumpkin

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Added: 12/5/09
Terrain Levelers - 892 KB
Read Me

Terrain Levelers
Added: 4/19/09
Rainbow Tankers, PetroPak - 3.43 MB
Read Me

Rainbow Tankers, PetroPak

Josh McGarvey

Added: 3/8/09
Re-Textured Bridges - 204 KB
Read Me

Re-Textured Bridges

coruscate & Ned Fumpkin
Added: 12/29/08
TM Municipal Buildings - 6.39 MB
Read Me
Michael (WP&P) Rountree & Ned Fumpkin
Added: 12/22/08
Rail Yard Structures - 2.88 MB
Read Me

Added: 12/12/08
Chemical Plant - 357 Bytes - RAR Format
Added: 12/12/08
Rubber Farm - 380 Bytes - RAR Format
Added: 12/9/08
Department Store - 743 Bytes - RAR Format
Click on the thumbnails for full size image

Added: 12/12/08
Casino - 418 KB - RAR Format
Added: 12/13/08
Theme Park - 277 KB - RAR Format
Theme Park

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Added: 12/12/08
Lavender Farm - 234 KB - RAR Format
Lavender Farm
Added: 12/12/08
Vineyard - 264 KB - RAR Format
Updated: 12/12/08
Landfill - 802 KB - RAR Format

Michael (WP&P) Rountree

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Grain Elevator - 154 KB
Grain Elevator

Cereal Company - 867 KB
See this web page for install info.
Cereal Company

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The Ice Platfom - 136 KB
Read Me
Ice Platfom
The Hopper Yard - 265 KB
Read Me
Hopper Yard
The Stock Yard - 245 KB
Read Me
Stock Yard

PJay Tycy & Jerry (Gwizz) Meyers

The Gwizz Port - 35.6 KB


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