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Guide to Writing RT3 Events
Written by: Ray (OilCan) Albright
Added: Jan. 12, 2013
All in pdf format

1) Seven Steps to Writing an Event

2) Tips To Writing Events

3) Writing An Event Condition

4) Writing An Event Effect

5) Event_Variables

Download all 5 pdf files in one zip - 3.57 MB

Added: Jan. 14, 2013
All in pdf format

Setting Up a Player  |  Setting Up a Company  |  Setting Up the Economy  |  Setting Up a Territory  |  Setting Up Trains & Track

Download all 5 pdf files in one zip - 1.40 MB

A Handbook to RT3 - 2010
Written by: Ray (OilCan) Albright
Added: July 2, 2010

Download - 2.73 MB

Michael (WP&P) Rountree

Added: Jan. 19, 2010
Hex Editing Building Planner Spread-Sheet - 25.8 KB
Use this spread-sheet to explore possibilities
in hex-editing of BCA file type.
Ned Fumpkin

Added: Oct. 10, 2009
Trainmaster Rolling-Stock Developer Kit - 85.4 MB

Please read the Read Me before attempting
to utilize this kit.

Toni (Sugus) Wettenschwiler

Added: June 6, 2009
RT3 Map Overview & 1.06 Downgrade Utility
Download - 90 KB - Read Me

Added: March 14, 2009
BMP2GMP and GMP2BMP converters
PJay's BMP/GMP Utilities - 72.5 KB

Jeff (low_grade) Goddin

Updated: July 6, 2009
Previous version had 53 downloads

RRT 3 Locomotive Comparison Spread-Sheet
Download - 102 KB - Read Me
PJay & Milo

RT3 Notes - 33 KB - Read Me
Everything currently available for those
that want to dig deep into the RRT3 coding.

Use at your own risk! Back Up all files first!

For those that want to create their own maps, you can either use the Map Builder that came with RRT3,
(if you bought a copy of RRT3 that didn't include the Map Builder, you can download it here.)

RT3 Map Builder - 219 MB

or you can use Wolverine's tutorial, using Microdem and USGS DEM Data.

Magnus (MagnusA) Adielsson
RT3 Locomotive List - 56 KB
Includes data for the 1.06 patch
RT3 Industry Chart - 174 KB
Includes data for the 1.06 patch

Anders R. (arop) Pilgaard
Sept. 21, 1950 - Jan 9, 2014
RT3 Bridge Building - 126 KB
without steep embankments
Making a map from the scratch - 37 KB

Kimmo (Bombardier) Jaske

RRT3 Engine Building Tutorial - 7 KB
.doc file in a zip

Clear Cheat 1.1 - 22 KB | Read Me
Revised 1/22/07

For the nostalgia buffs, the original Locomotive and Industry charts.
Special thanks goes out to Steve (Mobius) Lorenz for sending me these images.)
Don't forget to check out MagnusA's updated Loco & Industry charts above!

1024 X 785 - 877 KB

1280 X 981 - 1.25 MB

1024 X 785 - 805 KB

3132 X 2400 - 4.51 MB

For those that didn't get it;
The Reference Guide and Beginners Guide combined, in pdf format, or zip.
Submitted by: Ray (OilCan) Albright
Copied from the Atari release?
Added: June 16, 2009

PDF - 5.68 MB   |   Zip - 4.19 MB


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