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RRT 3 Tips and Strategies from the Heineken & Pacific Railroad Site
by Steve (Mobius) Lorenz


How come passengers get a free ride and only have to pay when they arrive?

How come the banks won't allow you to sell bonds when your credit is low but they will still loan you money even when your credit is abysmal. When your company cash goes negative, you are given money to stay in operation (presumably by the bank) and the bank adds to this an additional amount equal to the prime rate. They will continue to loan good money for your bad debt until the amount reaches the asset value of your railroad and it is liquidated. I guess its like that old saying - "If you owe your bank $10,000 they have you by the throat. If you owe your bank $10,000,000 you have them by the throat."

Weird working- When lay double track over single track and there are trains on the single track the trains tend to stop or slow down for some reason.

Cheat Codes

Press period key, then type what's before the colon - :


  • we have a winner gold : Win the game (Gold Medal)
  • we have a winner silver : Win the game (Silver Medal)
  • we have a winner bronze : Win the game (Bronze Medal)
  • we have a winner : Win the game
  • all is lost : Lose the game
  • big dog : Give your player $10 million
  • fat cat : Give your player $1 million
  • bailout : Give your company $10 million
  • subsidy : Give your company $1 million
  • passport : Give your company access to all territories
  • go go go : All trains go double speed
  • oops : All trains crash
  • trains are in my blood : All locomotives available for purchase
  • double shift : Buildings produce cargo at double normal rates
  • safety first : Trains never crash
  • upgrade : All trains upgraded to HST 125 (A nice diesel)
  • orca : Get the Orca engine


  • Kelsey : Northern484
  • Sage : C132
  • Alec : Ge66Crocodile
  • Teddy : BigBoy
  • Evan : Mallard
  • Slater : GG1
  • Danny : ShinkansenSeries0
  • Katie : RE66
  • safety first : Trains never crash
  • double shift : Buildings produce cargo at double normal rates
  • trains are in my blood : All locomotives available for purchase
  • oops : All trains crash
  • go go go : All trains go double speed
  • Passport : ?

Steve's Wish List

There are several things that I wish were included in the game.

Station service towers or at least maintenance sheds. Let the engines be serviced while they wait for cargo. There is no reason to wait for cargo for several game months only to have to be delayed again while the engine gets an overhaul.

Station add-on storage buildings. Something to hold a few loads of grain, livestock, or steel before some teamster hauls it off in a mule wagon for a long journey down the dusty trail while your train is making its run. Just hold it for a year and let it go.

Additional cargoes. My favorite would be Machinery. Machinery would keep factories at peak output and keep farms and mines producing. Almost all industries would demand some small quantity of machinery. Even railroad service sheds. Lack of machinery could stifle output of a factory or mine by 25%. Machinery would be produced in a Foundry. Question is: "would a foundry demand machinery?"

Machinery is made
in the Foundry


Other possible industry and cargoes.

Bring back the Cannery. This was good for processing so many things. It could use steel, aluminum and plastic as well as various things to process. One additional thing it could process would be...
Fish - There doesn't even need to be a new building. This could just come from Ports. Fish could be processed into meat at a cannery.

Generic Ore. This goes to a Smelter which makes Ingots goes to the Tool & Die. Maybe if there was a Mint or Bank building it could go there too as if it were gold or silver ore.

Gravel wasn't too bad either, not very sexy though. It is almost like lumber in houses but without the furniture or toy uses.

One thing that is missing is a treatment of horse and mules. This was the prime means of locomotion during the early years of the railroads. Still no one wants to transport them or their feed anywhere. Maybe there could be Livery Stables, which demand grain (hay).

-- just some thoughts.