American Empire FAQs and Tips Sheet

by Ken (bothersome) Lantrip

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  1. Why is this FAQ necessary?

    It seems there are a lot of newer players that want to play these maps that tend to need a little more help getting things moving.
  2. Why does the newspaper blame me for a stock scandal when I didn't do anything of the sort?

    You did something!  Perhaps you did one of the following...  It is against the law to: [buy a company that is under 1 year old] - [sabotage a company's connection to a city] - [prevent a company from hauling or making museums out of its trains] - [on purposely make a company's stock drop in value].  If you don't do any of those, then you should be able to stay out of trouble.
  3. Why did the game fine me for one of the AI companies doing poorly?

    Once you become the chairman of a company, it becomes YOUR responsibility.  If it does poorly it is YOUR fault.  You have a lot more leeway with a company that you are chairman of.  But once you leave that company, its book value is watched closely.  IT MUST NOT FAIL.
  4. What are the win events in this scenario?

    None.  There are some newspapers that will show you some of your accomplishments.  Like connecting distant cities via rail of one company only.  Hauling some cargos around.  And of course, making lots of money.
  5. My company has lots of money, why does the status screen show that I have amassed only a small amount of cash?

    Company cash is the company's money, not your money.  You need to find a way to move the money from the company's account to your personal cash holdings.  See the stocks screen.
  6. I've taken control of another AI company, how come I can't get back to my first company?

    You need to have 51% of the stock to guarantee you a wining vote to get back into your first company.  You could however work very hard in the company you are CEO of now.  Then later, if the board of directors likes your performance in that company, they will sometimes accept you back.  51% is usually easier to do though.
  7. When I got back to my first company, it now will not let me lay but only a short piece of  track.  What's up with that?

    When you first started that company you were asked if you would like this company to be able to lay track when you were away.  You answered no.  You were away so it cannot lay track.  Lay a short piece of track then toggle the track laying mode off and back on.  You will now be able to lay more track.  Or, turn the timer on for a little bit.  The company will realize that you are back in the office and you will then be able to lay track again.
  8. Why would you need that feature for track laying?

    Because a lot us that play RRT3 don't like the way the AI (Artificial Intelligence) lays its tracks.  When it is a company that we didn't start, it's none of our business.  But when we start a company, we are the CEO and we will say when it is OK to lay track to a new city.  Even when we are busy running another RR for whatever reason.  We are also looking for a way to limit our companies from buying trains like no tomorrow.  But we haven't found a way yet.  And I don't mean "using the editor mode".
  9. After a few decades of building my RR company(s), my computer starts running real slow.  Why is that?

    You are running too many trains for your computer to handle.  If you like the idea of the AI running and scheduling your trains for you (most experts do), then you need to make your companies smaller.  Make each company connect to only about 6 to 10 cities each.  That way they will not over saturate a few central cities with too many trains.  Many times this is necessary for a good record score.  If you leave a company, the AI will buy more trains as long as it sees there is more cargo that needs hauling.  Especially if you haven't been moving enough of the cargo previously.  All those trains and wheels clattering down the track require a LOT of processing.  You can alleviate some of the problem by doing all your work while under pause and then un-pause to let the game run again when you're done.  Ultimately, the proper fix is getting a faster computer.
  10. Are these levels multi-player capable?

    Not as far as I know.  I have scripted some things for multi-player, but I haven't tested it.
  11. How did you make and hold that billion dollars in only 33 years?

    Practicing and testing every possible money making strategy that could think of.  When the cup is on the line, you must leave your morals behind.  There are a lot of things that make a ton of money that most people just don't think about that aren't cheats.  (TIP) For instance, If you have 4 million in purchasing power,...  Then you need to find an industry on the map that needs purchasing right now.  Like that lumber mill that is just now making 150K in profit per year.  They want 1.5 million for it.  Start a new company with 1.1 million your cash, 0 outside investors.  Then immediately get a bond issue (500K).  Buy the lumber mill.  It will only go up in value.  But you need to do this in the first half of the year only.  That company needs to make enough money that it doesn't cause its stock to go down and create more problems for you as a margin call.  Because you KNOW the value of the company is going to go up.  It's a sure thing, so use that to your advantage.  Tactics like that is how you make a billion in 32 years.
  12. Why aren't there any ground level sounds besides the ocean?

    After many, many hours of playing the map.  You get tired of hearing the same sounds over and over and over.  Trust me, it's an improvement.
  13. Why did you make the map with a minimum of 4 AI players?  Why not 0 to 5 instead?

    Because in life you have competitors, so shall it be in the game.
  14. Why did you name the level American Empire?

    Because it was requested enough from other people that they wanted a map that would not end.  So that they could build an empire of their liking.  And of course the map was part of the American continent.
  15. Any tips on how to improve my play?

    These maps are kind of like chess.  There are opening moves, mid-game strategies, and endgame tactics.  Everything you do at any point of the game opens new opportunities and closes others.  It is simply a matter of finding the best possible move with what resources you have at each and every step in time.  Unlike chess, you can make several moves at each turn.  You need to learn to push the game into your desired direction and not just accept what is handed to you.  You can always save the game and try your tactic.  If it doesn't work out, reload the saved game.
  16. What is considered cheating?

    I'll leave that up to you and your friends.  Play this map the way you want to play it.  My friends and I play this map with our own set of "gentleman's rules".  I'm sure you can find some that suit you and your friends.

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