Railroad Tycoon 3 Map Archive

A plethora of RRT3 maps submitted by forum members,
as well as all the maps from the Heinekin & Pacific Railroad Map Archive, Railroad Tycoon Info Archive, and Molse's German RRT site - all 3 closed down.

Check out the 'Xtras' section.
Updated: Dec. 29, 2016

New Maps

Added: 3/13/17
Cold War Colorado
Added: 2/10/17
Updated: 2/1/17
Bermuda Triangle
Added: 10/13/16

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Please Note:
A lot of these maps require the Coast to Coast Expansion & 1.05 Patch.
Some state so. Some do not.
Thereby it is strongly recommended that if you do not have the Coast to Coast Expansion and the 1.05 patch installed, do so.

Some require the 1.06 Patch.
The 1.06 patch is optional and only required for those maps that state this requirement.

Install the Coast to Coast Expansion first, then the 1.05 Patch. Both are required for the 1.06 patch.

Note - Vista and Win 7 users:
The Coast to Coast Expansion, the 1.05 Patch, and the 1.06 Patch will not work on these Operating Systems without first applying the Vista Fix, found on the 'Xtras' main page.


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