Railroad Tycoon 3 Base Maps

Unfinished maps - any country - most have no briefing

Africa and the Middle East

(White Bull)
No briefing... Check out this thread in the forums Download


by Mr. Scott
No briefing... Base Map of Eastern PA, Lower NY, Upper Maryland, with areas of Delaware and New Jersey
Check out this thread in the forums


by Jim McGuire
No briefing... Boston Area Download

British North America

by Joe (JayEff) Fitzpatrick
1848-?British North America

A raw map of British North America with 1848 colony names and boundaries, suitable for any scenario commencing before Confederation.

The principal exports for this region were wheat, lumber, food (meat) and coal, as well as what is left of a slowly-declining fur trade.

The primary imports were goods and an assortment of products from the Caribbean. Cattle and meat appearing in the maritimes represent fresh, then processed fish, ready for export. The sugar appearing near Montréal is maple syrup.

Barracks appear only in BNA, not in the USA, so there are no troops crossing borders. There is a shortage of tool and die in BNA, so you can haul goods back from the USA.

No description... Download

Cape Cod

by Jim McGuire
No briefing... Cape Cod Area Download

Flat World

by Gary (AZ Rail Rat) Reames
No briefing... This zip includes 2 maps:
Flat World and Flat Dry World

Italia Grande

No briefing... This zip includes 2 maps
One with cities and one without
Italian version

K's Metro Subway

by Craig (Kraellin) Walters
No briefing... No description... Download


by Neil (Wolverine) Bowlby
No briefing... No description... Download


by David (Polynesia Rail) Rinaldis
No briefing... Continent Uknown Download

RTI Contest - Map 1

by Jerry (Gwizz) Meyer
No briefing... Railroad Tycoon Info Contest - Map 1 Download

RTI Contest - Map 2

by Grant (BigMac) Macdonald
No briefing... Railroad Tycoon Info Contest - Map 2 Download

Southeast England

by Kimmo (bombardiere) Jaske
1850-?Southeast England

England the birthplace of the iron way. Take part in the second industrial revolution, and bring wealth to Victorian society.
Optimal start year 1850.

This is a basemap of Southeast England. The map is centred on busy metropolis of London. These are busy routes and plenty of cargo is available.

The economy is adjusted for 1850, and this will be most suitable starting year. However, other start years are possible, but this may need adjusting the economy scale at the editor.

As this is a basemap, there are no events included, only some map background issues. This map could be used for scenarios, and I might myself do a scenario based on this map my British engines.

A number of buildings have been preset. Generally these represent some major feature; church main cathedrals, museum some important sight or spa and stadium passenger harbours. These are intended to create traffic to popular destinations during Victorian times.

Known issues:
At the beginning of the game, the economy seed takes time (so many cities).
Scenarios began after 1900: the computer A.I. have difficulties to expand and make profit. Not sure why.
Some rivers are still going slightly uphill, but I believe that I have gotten the worst offenders.

I like to thank neiltigger and jayeff for helping to tweak the economy, testing the map, and giving a number of good idead. (not all is implemented yet.)

Kimmo Jaske a.k.a bombardiere

No description... Download

Southwest USA

by Neil (Wolverine) Bowlby
No briefing... No description... Download

UK - TGA Heightmap

by Neil (Wolverine) Bowlby
Any datesUK - TGA Heightmap

This package contains two files:
UK.tga - a heightmap for importing into the Editor.
UKcities.xls - a spreadsheet that gives the X,Y map coordinates of major cities in the UK for your particular map.

The heightmap is 1536 x 2048 pixels, allowing for the production of many different sized maps. When importing the map, set the height multiplier to 1.431 for "true-scale" topography, or a higher value if you want the height of mountains exagerrated. I suggest keeping the mountain top modifier set to 1 and the smoothing set to 2. It will then ask for the size of the map to be made. Keep in mind that the heightmap is made at a 3:4 ratio, so the dimensions you choose should be in the same ratio (i.e. 768 x 1024, 384 x 512 etc.). Because of the downscaling, many of the bays, firths, and other complicated coastal topography will need to be edited. Use the "water/land" tool and keep the "change level" box checked. Then go around and add water cells as desired to get the coastal features right. I'll leave it to you who are more familiar with the UK to do this. It helps to have a high quality map in hand to do this. You will also have to place rivers and color the map as you see fit.

The spreadsheet automatically calculates the X,Y coordinates of the major cities once you have input the correct map dimensions. Be sure to "Enable Macros" when the program starts. Then, on the first page, enter the X and Y dimensions of your map in the "RRT Map Dimensions" and PCX Dimensions boxes. These have already been filled in for a map of 768 x 1024 cells. Click on the "UK Cities" tab at the bottom to bring up a listing of the city name, latitude and longitude coordinates, and the X and Y coordinates for your particular map. You may want to print out this page for easy reference when adding cities in the Editor. If there is a city that is not on the list, there are several Web resources that will provide the latitude and longitude data. Here are two that I found useful:


After getting your data, type it into an empty row in the spreadsheet in decimal format. The map coordinates will then be displayed in the next two columns. West longitude is designated with negative values. You could also enter the data on line 19 of page 1, but here the data are enterd as longitude and then latitude.

Have fun, and if you have any questions, PM me or leave a note on the Forum.


aka Neil Bowlby
email: bowlby@msu.edu

TGA Heightmap - UK - 1536 x 2048 Download


by Mr. Scott
No briefing... Includes a text file, that lists current population for top 93 US cities Download

Volcano Island

by David (Polynesia Rail) Rinaldis
No briefing... Requires the 1.06 Patch
Check out this thread in the forums

Wolf Valley

by Wolfman685
No briefing... No description... Download

Wyoming Valley

by MrScott2007
1845-?Wyoming Valley

This is a base map of the Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Welcome to the northeastern anthracite regions of Pennsylvania.

The valley is split into two sections. The southwest end is known as the Wyoming Valley. This includes the city of Wilkes-Barre. The northeast section is known as the Lackawanna Valley, which includes the city of Scranton.

This area played a major part in the industrial growth of the US during the mid 1800's. The discovery of hard coals launched an economic boom. These hard coals could burn slower and hotter, which was found to be very useful for steel manufacturing.

Many railroad companies competed to get the coal out of the valley to other parts of the United States.

Pennsylvania Base Map
Requires Mr. Scott's Logo Pack