Railroad Tycoon 3 Maps of Africa

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Mozambique 1936

by Ray (OilCan) Albright
1936-1966Mozambique 1936

Build Mozambique's First Railroad.

::------------ Game Goals -------------::
Haul 1200 loads of cattle to LM Port. Connect all 6 capitals & 75 cities.

Haul 900 loads of cattle. Connect 5 capitals and 65 cities.

Haul 700 loads of cattle. Connect 4 capitals and 50 cities.

::------------ Conditions  -------------::
No stock market. No tycooning. 
No AI. No train crashes. 
30 years.

::------------- (History) ---------------::
The first railroad in Mozambique was built between Beira and Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, in 1899. By 1936, there were 3 separate & unconnected lines in Mozambique.

Requires the Coast to Coast (1.04) & 1.05 Patches
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Africa & Middle East

by Greg (Cash on Wheels) Burrell
1852-1897Africa & Middle East

Africa - This name, which is of Phoenician origin, was at first given by the Romans to the territory about the city of Carthage.

It gradually came to be applied to the whole Libyan territory occupied by the Romans, and it was understood in this sense, as late as the eleventh century.

Have a Company Book Value of $500M by:
75 years for BRONZE
60 years for SIVER
45 years for GOLD

You must also connect 175 cities for gold.

No train crashes. Replace locos when they are too old.

- Orginal map by White Bull---2004 A.D.
- Map remastered & updated to 1.06 by Cash on Wheels---2017 A.D.

::------------- History ---------------::
Pope St. Leo IX, when asked to decide as to the primacy of the bishops of ancient Numidia, wrote these words (now engraved in letters of gold on the modern basilica of Carthage, built by Cardinal Lavigerie):

"Sine dubio, post Romanum pontificem, primus Nubiae episcopus et totius Africae maximus metropolitanus est Carthaginiensis episcopus." (There can be no doubt that after the Roman Pontiff the first Bishop of Nubia, and indeed the principal Metropolitan of Africa is the Bishop of Carthage).

In their turn the Arabs adopted the name; then the writers of the Middle Ages; finally it has come to include the entire continent.

Revised version by Greg (Cash on Wheels) Burrell, 2018,
of "Africa & Middle East" by "White Bull", circa 2004.

This is map was redone to make it a playable map. It features many gameplay improvements, as well as a few cosmetic ones. Your objective is simple. Get a CBV of $500,000,000 within 45/60/75 years.

This is a large & demanding map for older systems. If things get too choppy you can bulldoze all trees. Shift+E into the editor and **USE THE TREE AXE**. Do not use the track bulldozer or the one on the panel! You can also turn down your graphics settings.

Go to the Hawk & Badger website and look up the first post on this map (in version 1.06 scenarios, NOT unfinished maps). There I describe a trick to build around all of the rivers & lakes. The cities in the map are right on top of water!

Change log from orginal map:
- Beach shoreline added, most redundant islands are gone.
- Now features 1.06 buildings & cargoes (this map may still work for version 1.05).
- Events slashed from 165 to 15.
- City count is now about 190, from 600!  600!!!!!!!!!!
- The 5 AI players can now lay track on the map.
- Winning/losing medal events fire.
- Territory access on sale!

Requires the 1.06 Patch
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African Dream

by Paul (Petunia) Graf
2000-2030African Dream

Africa is rich in natural resources and cries out for a modern high speed railway system.

Can you build the African Dream?

Africa is rich in natural resources, but lacks a modern high speed railway system for transporting goods throughout the continent. You have a dream of creating such a system to turn Africa into the modern economic miracle of the 21st century.

Your goal is to create a system that spans Africa and connects Mambasa (Belgian Congo) to Juba (Sudan), Kampala (Uganda), Nairobi (Kenya), Zanzibar (German East Africa), and Kusa (Ethiopia).

You also need to export  autos, clothes, goods, and toys to world markets.

You have 30 years to accomplish the following:

Bronze - Connect Mambasa to any two of the five city connections and export 50 autos, 75 clothes, 50 goods, and 50 toys.

Silver - Connect Mambasa to any three of the five city connections and export 100 autos, 150 clothes, 100 goods, and 100 toys.

Gold - Connect Mambasa to all five city connections and export 200 autos, 300 clothes, 200 goods and 200 toys.

- You will not be able to build unconnected track.

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Coal Miner's Daughter

by Jerry (Gwizz) Meyer
1860-1885Coal Miner's Daughter

The Coal Minor's Daughter Mine of West Africa. It seems a trader's daughter found a small vein of coal in the hills and sold it by the basket.

Now her daughter married you and Mother is not happy. Can you prove yourself? You have 25 years.

"Sir John Forrest, My daughter married you against my wishes and I have cut her from my will. Before I put her back into my will you must prove yourself worthy to share her future wealth.

The Daughter Coal Mine now hauls Lumber, Iron and Coal by wagon. To meet demand for coal, Local merchants in Old Port City have started a RR, buying rail and ties.

I want you to build and operate this railroad from Old Port City.

The city agreed to give you 150 rails to start & more when you start delivering cargo to the city. You must order rail a year ahead of delivery to allow for shipping time.

I will subsidize the buying of Industries for only 3 years."

Total of 10 or more points.
Haul 50 loads of lumber and 50 loads of Iron bars to the Daughter Mine, and connect 10 cities.

Total of 20 or more points.
Do above, and haul 50 loads of lumber and 50 loads of iron bars to the Black Diamond Mine, & connect 20 cities.

Total of 30 or 40 Points. Do Above & Haul 100 loads of coal from each of the 3 Coal Mines.
Haul 50 loads of lumber & haul 50 loads of iron bars to the Hells Hole Mine.
Haul 50 loads of Lumber to each of the 2 Iron Mining areas. (Desert and Mountain Iron Mines)
Connect 30 or 40 cities + fulfill other Mother-in-law requests.

Men in France are planning a take-over of Daughter mining stock.
We expect the stock to increase rapidly in value during the first month of operations.
You earn points toward a win by meeting goal requirements and following your mother in law's requests.

1860-1885Coal Miner's Daughter

Scheinbar hatte die Tochter eines Händlers in den Bergen eine kleine Kohleader gefunden.

Und ihre Tochter hat nun ausgerechnet Dich geheiratet, was die Schwiegermutter alles andere als glücklich macht. Du musst Dich daher beweisen!

Coal Miner's Daughter Mine in West-Afrika!

"Sir John Forrest, meine Tochter heiratete Dich gegen meinen Willen und ich habe sie daher enterbt. Bevor ich dies wieder rückgängig mache, musst Du beweisen, dass Du würdig bist, ihren künftigen Wohlstand mit ihr zu teilen.

Die Daughter Coal Mine transportiert Holz, Eisen und Kohle. Zur Befriedigung der Nachfrage nach Kohle haben Kaufleute in Old Port City mit dem Kauf von Schienen und Schwellen den Betrieb einer Eisenbahn lanciert.

Ich möchte, dass Du den Betrieb dieser Bahn ab Old Port City leitest.

Mit der Stadt wurde vereinbart, dass Du für den Anfang 150 Gleisstücke bekommst; davon gibt es mehr, sobald Du Güter in die Stadt lieferst. Wegen der langen Liefertermine musst Du die Schienen immer ein Jahr voraus bestellen.

Den Kauf von Industrie werde ich während der ersten drei Jahre subventionieren."

Männer in Frankreich planen die Übernahme der Daughter Mine. Man erwartet, dass die Aktien während der ersten Betriebsmonate rasch steigen werden. Zuhanden Deines Erfolgs kannst Du Punkte sammeln, indem Du die verschiedenen Anforderungen erfüllst und Deiner Schwiegermutter die Wünsche von den Lippen abliest.

Du hast 25 Jahre Zeit für:

Sammle 10 Punkte
Liefere je 50 Ladungen Holz und Eisen zur Daughter Mine
Verbinde 10 Städte

Sammle 20 Punkte
Liefere je 50 Ladungen Holz und Eisen zur Black Diamond Mine
Verbinde 20 Städte

Sammle 30/40 Punkte
Hole je 100 Ladungen Kohle aus den drei Kohleminen ab
Liefere je 50 Ladungen Holz und Eisen zur Hells Hole Mine
Liefere 50 Ladungen Holz zu jeder Eisenmine (Desert und Mountain Iron Mines)
Verbinde 30/40 Städte
Erfülle die sonstigen Wünsche der Schwiegermutter


Begrenzter Streckenbau
Als Vorsitzender gefeuert werden deaktiviert
Zugunglücke und Pannen deaktiviert

(Original: Gwizz / Übersetzung: Sugus)

This map requires The Gwizz Port German version by Toni (Sugus) Wettenschwiler Check out this thread in the forums English version German version

Drums of War

by Paul (Petunia) Graf
1950-?Drums of War

The nations of Africa have started an armaments race. None want to be left behind in the mad scramble for troops, weapons, and ammunition.

Will you heed the call of the drums of war?

Civil war is erupting in Africa. Already rebel forces have carved out a large chunk of East Africa and are threatening the surrounding countries. Governments are heeding the drums of war and are stockpiling weapons, ammunition and troops.

You have 3 main objectives:
1) Haul ammunition, weapons, and troops
2) Complete tasks assigned by the 6 nations
3) Assist East Africa in recovering the rebel held territory.

(Note: additional briefings will explain in more detail how to accomplish this.)

Medal Conditions:

Bronze -  Transport 250 loads of ammunition, 250 loads of weapons, and 250 loads of troops. Complete any 2 country tasks. Recover at least 25% of rebel held territory.

Silver -  Transport 500 loads of ammunition, 500 loads of weapons, and 500 loads of troops. Complete any 4 country tasks. Recover at least 50% of rebel held territory.

Gold -  Transport 1000 loads of ammunition, 1000 loads of weapons, and 1000 loads of troops. Complete all 6 country tasks. Recover all  rebel held territory.


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Egypt 1855

by Ray (OilCan) Albright
1855-1880Egypt 1855

Start the first railroad in Egypt's history.

Welcome to Egypt!

The ruler of Egypt has given you a charter to build the first railroad in Egypt, in fact the first railroad in Africa.

GOLD: Connect 60 cities and Cairo to Khartoum.  Haul 3,000 loads of passengers.  Build a company book value of $100M.
SILVER: Connect 50 cities and Cairo to Khartoum.  2,000 loads of passengers.  CBV of $75M.
BRONZE:  Connect 40 cities.  1000 loads of passengers.  CBV of $50M.

25 years of play. No train crashes.  No multiple companies.
Two optional AI players.

The first railway in Egypt was built in 1854 between Cairo and the port of Alexandria, by Robert Stevenson (who designed the 'Planet' locomotive). Rewrite history and build Egypt's premier railway network.

Requires the 1.06 Patch
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Egypt by rejima

by (rejima)
1854-1894Egypt by rejima

Egypt in the 19th Century.

Build a railway system in the ancient land of the Pharaohs, exploiting the rich river banks of the Nile and the inhospitable desert that surrounds it.

It is 1854, His Royal Highness Abbas I, Wali of Egypt and Sudan has contracted you to build a railway system to connect Upper and Lower Egypt and to develop the country's agricultural economy and to stablish a firm industrial base to compete with the world.

For Bronze:
Connect Cairo to Luxor & Alexandria and deliver 100 loads of Cotton to Alexandria, Suez or Port Said.

For Silver:
Complete the Bronze goals, and also connect Cairo to Siwa, Abu Simbel and Gaza, and deliver 150 loads of Sugar to Alexandria, Suez or Port Said.

For Gold:
Complete the Bronze and Silver goals and also connect Cairo to Jerusalem, Amman and Al-Wajh, and deliver 200 loads of Oil to Alexandria, Suez or Port Said.

You have 50 years.

Special Conditions:
No resigning or being fired as Chairman.
No multiple companies.
No unconnected track.

Requires the 1.06 Patch
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Ethiopia 1908-1950

by Bruno (brunom) Morais

The Imperial Railroad's first life was a financial failure, but things can improve under the right management.

Deep gorges and impressive peaks as landscape. Welcome to Ethiopia!

Ethiopia's first railroad company went bankrupt. Corruption, a poor economy and the desert were its executioners. It is now your turn to try better.

Create a railroad network in Ethiopia. Your goals are to develop exportation of Coffee and to finance industrial development.
You will take over an existing line, in dreadful state, which operated, without profit, a decade ago.

--- For Bronze:
Connect Adis Abebba to Djibouti, haul 50 coffee for exportation and make 15M in industry profit.

--- For Silver:
Connect Adis Abebba to Djibouti and Asmara, haul 80 coffee for exportation and make 25M in industry profit.

--- For Gold:
Connect Adis Abebba to Djibouti and haul 150 coffee for exportation.
Additionally make 50M in industry profit and link to Khartoum, Galkacyo and Asmara.

You have until the end of 1950.
Only exportation through Djibouti port is counted for medal purposes.

This map requires an additional loco, included in the zip
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German South-West Africa

Deutsch Süd-West Afrika

by Lars (Lama) Maischak
1895-1915German South-West Africa

German South-West Africa - Build a railway under challenging political, economic and desert conditions in Germany's second largest colony.

Commander Theodor Leutwein, Governor of German South West Africa colony, has appointed you as General Manager of the colonial railway.

Establishing the first German colony in this part of Africa has so far been one problem after another. Now, plague has crippled the oxen, the chief means of transport. A railroad is urgently needed. The goal is to build a large, modern railroad network which ensures the colony's economic survival.

You have until the end of 1914 to achieve your medals, if none achieved, your mission will change with the outbreak of the Great War.

For the Bronze medal, connect Swakopmund to Windhuk, Outjo, Tsumeb and Grootfontein, and haul 50 loads of iron and cattle to Swakopmund.

For the Silver, also connect to Keetmanshoop and Luderitz, and haul either 20 loads of cattle to Lüderitz OR 100 loads of iron and cattle to Swakopmund.

For the Gold, also connect to Karasburg, and haul 20 loads of cattle to Lüderitz AND per 100 loads of iron and cattle to Swakopmund.

Because of labor shortages, railway construction is limited. Unused track will carry over to the next year.

If you have haul 5 loads of troops, plus 2 loads each of weapons and ammunition, to Windhuk in a single year, the military will pay you $ 500,000 or will build 100 additional track segments for your company. However, doing this will make African people of Nama and Herero tribes more prone to revolt.

- You may create only one company, whose chairmanship you may not lose.
- You may buy but not build industries.
- Due to the dry desert climate, water usage of your locomotives will be twice normal when it is not the rainy season.
- Diamonds are represented by bauxite on the map.
- If you transport diamonds, you may receive an offer to electrify your track.
- The railway station ' Swakopmund-Hafen' is also a port.

Translated from Lama's original version by OilCan, in December, 2009. Nothing was changed except the words.

1895-1915Deutsch Süd-West Afrika

Deutsch Süd-West Afrika - Bauen Sie eine Kolonialbahn unter schwierigen politischen, landschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen.

Gouverneur Leutwein hat Sie zum Generaldirektor der Kolonialbahn berufen. Die erste deutsche Kolonie ist bislang eine kostspielige Pleite gewesen.

Nun kommt hinzu, daß die Rinderpest die Ochsen, das Haupttransportmittel, lahmgelegt hat. Eine Eisenbahn ist dringend vonnöten. Ihr Ziel ist es, ein umfassendes Netzwerk aufzubauen und das wirtschaftliche und militärische Überleben Südwestafrikas sicherzustellen.

Sie haben bis Ende 1914 Zeit, bei günstigem Kriegsverlauf bis Ende März 1917.

Für Bronze, verbinden Sie Swakopmund mit Windhuk, Outjo, Tsumeb und Grootfontein, und befördern Sie je 50 Ladungen Eisen und Vieh nach Swakopmund.

Für Silber, verbinden Sie außerdem Lüderitz mit Keetmanshoop, und befördern Sie entweder 20 Ladungen Vieh nach Lüderitz ODER je 100 Ladungen Eisen und Vieh nach Swakopmund.

Für Gold, verbinden Sie zusätzlich Windhuk mit Karasburg, und befördern Sie 20 Ladungen Vieh nach Lüderitz UND je 100 Ladungen Eisen und Vieh nach Swakopmund.

Wegen Arbeitskräftemangels ist der Gleisbau beschränkt. Unverbrauchte Gleissegmente gehen am Jahresende NICHT verloren.

Wenn Sie in einem Jahr 5 Ladungen Truppen insgesamt, und nach Windhuk 2 Ladungen Waffen und Munition befördert haben, zahlt Ihnen die Schutztruppe $500.000 oder baut Ihnen 100 zusätzliche Streckensegmente. Die Bevölkerung der Nama und Herero wird hierdurch jedoch stärker zu einem Aufstand neigen.

- Sie dürfen nur eine Bahngesellschaft gründen, deren Vorsitz Sie nicht verlieren dürfen.
- Industriebetriebe dürfen Sie kaufen, jedoch keine bauen.
- Aufgrund des Klimas ist außerhalb der Regenzeit der Wasserverbrauch Ihrer Loks doppelt so hoch wie gewöhnlich.
- Diamanten werden auf dieser Karte durch Bauxit dargestellt.
- Wenn Sie Diamanten transportieren, werden Sie ein Angebot zur Elektrifizierung Ihrer Strecken erhalten.
- Ihr Bahnhof 'Swakopmund-Hafen' ist zugleich ein Hafen, der Fahrgäste, Post und Truppen anbietet und nachfragt.

This map requires The Gwizz Port English version by Ray (OilCan) Albright Check out this thread in the forums English version German version


by Anders (arop) Pilgaard Sept 21, 1950 - Jan 9, 2014 - R.I.P.

Ghana (The Gold Coast) once had a fine little narrow gauge railway system in the southern part of the country (steam operated until 1974), but today most of the railways are in a terrible derelict condition.

Game start 1890. Game ends in 1940.


BRONZE: Have a Lifetime Industrial Profit of minimum $50 million, and a Player's Net Worth of $20 million, by the beginning of 1940.

SILVER: Have a LIP of $75 million, and a PNW of $40 million, by the beginning of 1940.

GOLD: Have a LIP of $100 million, and a PNW of $60 million, before the beginning of 1940.

A) There is a $5 million company bonus each, for hauling minimum 500 loads of coccoa (coffee), lumber, ingots, produce and clothing LTD.
B) There is a $5 million player's bonus if you connect minimum 30 cities before 1920.

Ports in Accra, Secondi and Takoradi are buildable.

A) No stock trade on margin.
B) Until 1920 You can build max. 500 pieces of track per year (use it or lose it). Past 1920 the quota is +500.
C) No multiple companies allowed.
D) No electric locomotives avaiable.
E) No diesels before 1958.
F) No train crashes.

RRT3 v1.06 version 1.0Juli 2013

Requires the 1.06 Patch
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by Greg (Cash on Wheels) Burrell

It's 1974 and the Yomma Kopa War is in the past. There will be no full scale armed conficts in this area until 2006.

Use those 32 years to build a rail empire or Tycoon your way to being a billionaire!

You have granted by the regional authority to build your own rail network. Under this agreement your company(s) are free to do as they please. No state may interfere in your operations.

Of course you will need to still pay property taxes (access fees). Your late father was a highly repected bussinesman in the Holyland, so financing will be easy to come by in the early stages.

Bronze: Lay 4000 miles/km of COMPANY track, plus $25M Personal Net Worth.

Silver: Lay 5000 miles of company track, plus $100M Personal Net Worth, by the END of 2007.

Gold: Lay 6500 miles of  company track, plus $500M PNW, by the end of 2007.

Platinum- Your player just needs to be a FAT Billionare by end of 2007.

Holyland by Cash on Wheels, 2017.

HOLYLAND by Cash on Wheels @2017 (semi-historical)

The Hawk and badger RR website does not have (m)any maps of this sensitive area.
Please note this map is for entertainment only.

This is personal net worth challenge map. The goal is get your player's personal net worth above $1 billion dollars ($1,000,000,000 for you brits!). This map will print money and give you ample opportunity to even reach the bronze amount of $25 million PNW.

***Other Notes***
- Cash conversions happen at the beginning of every year. Your options will change every ~8 years.
- If your player is -$20M in debt you can no longer win the gold medal.
- If you start another company the cash conversions may stop (not sure why).
- Al-asad is a MW4 character.
- You need ca$h before you to build into Egypt, I warned you!
- Be careful out there.
- Plan around CHOKE POINTS!

In first post of the thread about this scenario is a split Furnace. Check it out (it is not required to play).

Blast Furnace.bca - A furnace building that turns Rock directly into Concrete(cement).
The Ceramics part of the chain will be skipped. It will also take 3 loads of coal a year.

Ore Smelter.bca/.bty - Uses the ore to ingots chain without the rock to ceramics input.

Requires the 1.06 Patch Download


by Greg (Cash on Wheels) Burrell

Welcome to Madagascar!

This land is one poorest on earth. Can you build it in the right direction? While navigating your way though gov't 'relations'.

With a per capita GDP of $450 per person in 2016 Madagascar is one of the poorest nations on earth. Can you go back in time and save the island from itself?

There may not be a lot of high tech industry but there will be a ton of natural resources to take advantage of! Watch out for the MCC: this regultory agency has a notorious history!

To GET a solid bronze, handheld, train whistle:
Move a total of 125+ loads of coffee to the major port cities of Toamasina, and/or Antisiranana by DECEMBER 1995.

To EARN a silver key to Capital:
Move 225+ loads of coffee to the ports.
Plus help keep the lights on, with total of 20000 giga-watts of power during your 40 year quest.

To DEMAND a golden surprise (Expert Only):
Move 325+ loads of coffee to the ports, and help generate 55000 giga-watts of power.
Build & deliver 100 loads of autos to Antananarivo for government workers.
Your Personal Net worth MUST be over $1 million.

You may not buy industries or start multiple companies.

NOTES: Steel mills & auto plants will not spawn during the game. YOU must build them.

Madagascar by Cash on wheels 2016


Please put your Laptop in "high performance" or "entertainment" mode if possible.

There will be punishment if you rehaul too many objective CARGOs! The two AI players control compianies/agencies that cannot lay railroads. You may or may not need to take over or merge with these companies. That will depend on the choices you make thoughout the game.

You can freely buy/sell their 'stock', but buyer beware if you merge with or takeo ver them too early in the game you will lose. Use your own judgement on when pull the trigger.

Requires the 1.06 Patch
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Malawi, Africa

by Ray (OilCan) Albright
1964-1994Malawi, Africa

Build Malawi's National Railroad

(No AI, no stock market)

:():: Welcome to Malawi ::():

The country of Malawi has gained her independence from England and now begins the long, hard task of building a nation. She desires a national railroad to help in this task. You have been commissioned to construct a railroad across Malawi, linking her towns, adding industry and helping to build her economy.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa, one of the most populated and one of the least developed. The currency is Kwacha (K). Do not expect much help from government funds. Bonds and loans have a high interest rate.

:():: GOALS for GOLD ::():
(+) Connect Blantyre to Nsenje, Lilongwe, Mzimba and Karonga *and*
(+) deliver K2,000,000 worth of goods to each of those 4 towns
(+) Connect all 37 Towns
(+) Achieve a total company BOOK VALUE of K50,0000,0000
(+) Achieve a total company REVENUE of K200,000,000

You have 30 years. No rival railroads. No stock market or issuing stock, since your company will be nationalized.

Engines are expensive and track is limited. Steam engines until diesels become permissible later on. Stations will provide maintenance, oil & sand. No need to build sheds and towers. No train crashes.

Cash and track bonus for at least 300,000 Kwacha worth of exports, per year, delivered to Tete, Chipata and/or Tunduma (each counts separately).

Check out this thread in the forums Download

Modern Africa

Modernes Afrika

by Jeremy MacDonald
2005-2060Modern Africa

As more and more people join the international community the desire for Africa's resources continues to grow.

Is it finally time to open up the Dark Continent with high speed rail?

The world demand for rersources and manufactured goods is booming with the entry of large numbers of consumers into the world population.

Africa alone among the world's continents has not been heavily exploited for its wealth, and with world demand climbing it's about time for that to change. Can you get Africa's product to ports and into the eager hands of the world's consumers?

More importantly can you make yourself very rich doing so?
You have two objectives to reach in this scenario: a high Personal Net Worth, and Industrial Profits.

For Bronze: Earn $80 million Industrial Profits, and have a PNW of $60 million.
For Silver: Meet the Bronze requirements, and have at least $10 million in cash.
For Gold: Meet the Silver requirements, and take over three of the six companies that start the scenario on the map. That means aquiring the rights to 3 of the six exclusive territories in the scenario.

Central South Africa has exclusive rights to Malawi; South African Rail has exlcusive rights to Mozambique; Luxery Liners Inc. has exclusive rights to Zambia; Turtle Republic Oil has exclusive rights to Nigeria; Atlantic-Mediterranean has exclusive rights to Morrocco and Egyptian National Rail has exclusive rights to Egypt.

The Scenario starts in 2005 and ends in 2060.  You have 55 years to achieve your goals.

Finally, you will face stiff competition in this scenario. There are already a number of rail lines on the map, especially in South Africa, and there are other tycoons that want in on the scramble for Africa.

2005-2060Modernes Afrika

Immer mehr Menschen schliessen sich der inter-nationalen Gemeinschaft an und der Wunsch nach den Ressourcen in Afrika wächst.

Es ist gar an der Zeit, den schwarzen Kontinent mit einer Hoch-geschwindigkeitsbahn zu erschliessen?

Die weltweite Nachfrage nach Ressourcen und Produkten nimmt aufgrund der stetig wachsenden Anzahl von Menschen immer grössere Ausmasse an. Und unter all den Kontinenten ist Afrika am schlechtesten erschlossen.

Aufgrund der global steigenden Nachfrage ist es an der Zeit, dies zu ändern. Schaffst Du es, Afrika's Produkte in die Häfen zu transportieren, um sie per Export den Konsumenten in aller Welt in deren gierige Hände zu spielen und Dir dabei auch noch eine goldene Nase verdienen?

Für Gold musst Du nebst den Vorgaben für Bronze und Silber auch drei der anderen Gesellschaften übernehmen, wozu Du die Rechte für den Zutritt zu deren Gebieten erwerben musst.

Central South Africa verfügt über Exklusivrechte in Malawi; South African Rail hat Exklusivrechte in Mosambik; Luxery Liner Inc. besitzt die exklusiven Rechte für Sambia; Turtle Republic Oil besitzt die exklusiven Rechte in Nigeria; Atlantic-Mediterranean hat ausschliessliche Rechte für Marokko und Egyptian National Rail hat die Exklusivrechte in Ägypten.

Das Szenario beginnt 2005 und endet im Jahr 2060. Du hast also 55 Jahre Zeit, um diese Ziele zu erreichen.

Du bist in diesem Szenario einem harten Wettbewerb ausgesetzt. Es existiert bereits eine Reihe von Bahnstrecken, vor allem in Südafrika, und es gibt vor allem andere Tycoons, welche den Wettlauf in Afrika genau wie Du gewinnen wollen.

Du hast 55 Jahre Zeit für:

Industriegewinne insgesamt 80 Millionen $
Privatvermögen (PNW) 60 Millionen $

Firmenbargeld 10 Millionen $

Übernehme drei der anderen Gesellschaften


Rücktritt als Vorsitzender deaktiviert
Gründung mehrerer Gesellschaften deaktiviert

(Original: Jeremy MacDonald ---::--- Übersetzung: Sugus)

Check out this thread in the forums German version by Toni (Sugus) Wettenschwiler English version German version

Modern Heart of Africa

by Erik (besterik) Haraldsson
1960-1990Modern Heart of Africa

You have been called to the newly free countries in the heart of Africa, to deal with the railroad situation.

Your goal is to succeed in a world full of corruption.


The newly free countries in the heart of Africa wants their own railroad system. You will begin in Tanzania, but it will probably be a wise choice to expand to other countries, due to instability in the region.

In the beginning can you only build steam engines, due to limited amounts of diesel fuel and electricity.

Haul 20 loads of diesel to get access to diesel engines, and/or generate 150 GWh of electricity from your own electric plants for the electric engines.

Watch out for the extreme amounts of corruption around you, and be ready for it to intervene with your business.


Bronze - Just stay alive for 30 years.

Silver - Also have a Company Book Value of $15 million by the end of 30 years.

Gold - Now you need a Company Book Value of $50 million or more after 30 years. There is also a special hidden bonus gold, that you can get BEFORE the 30 years are over.

*** HINT ***
In case of a military coup, there is a chance of the old government coming back and giving the territory rights back for free. It's up to you if you want to take the chance.

- You will not be able to purchase already existing industries. You can, however, build your own.
- You can not start a new company.

1960-1990Modern Heart of Africa

Du wurdest in die eben befreiten Länder im Herzen Afrika's beordert, um dort die Situation in Sachen Eisenbahnen zu verbessern.

Dein Ziel muss sein, in einer Welt voller Korruption Erfolg zu haben.

Die kürzlich befreiten Länder im Herzen von Afrika möchten mit Deiner Hilfe ihr eigenes Eisenbahnsystem bekommen. Du beginnst in Tansanien, aber es wird wegen der Instabilität dieser Region klug sein, in andere Gebiete zu expandieren.

Am Anfang stehen wegen der begrenzten Menge an Diesel und Strom nur Dampflokomotiven zur Verfügung. Transportiere 20 Ladungen Diesel, und die Dieselloks werden verfügbar. Um zu E-Loks zu kommen, musst Du 150 GW Elektrizität in eigenen Anlagen erzeugen.

Achte auf die extrem hohe Korruption um Dich herum, und sei bereit, mit Deiner Gesellschaft bei Bedarf einzugreifen.

Hinweis: Im Falle eines Militärputsches besteht die Chance, dass die alte Regierung wieder auftaucht und die Gebietsrechte kostenlos zurückgibt; es liegt an Dir, diese Chance zu beurteilen.

Du musst 30 Jahre ausharren für:

Einfach überleben

Firmenbuchwert 15 Millionen $

Firmenbuchwert 50 Millionen $

Es gibt auch noch ein speziell verstecktes Bonus-GOLD, welches Du vor
Ablauf der 30 Jahre erreichen kannst.


Kauf von bestehenden Industriegebäuden deaktiviert
Gründung von Gesellschaften deaktiviert

(Original: besterik / Übersetzung: Sugus)

German version by Toni (Sugus) Wettenschwiler English version German version

Mozambiq Coast

by Bruno (brunom) Morais
1919-1949Mozambiq Coast

The rich Zambeze valley, and the fertile land around the Malawi lake.

The World War I ends with surprising results. Large areas around the world have gained independence from the decaying European Powers and become free. Free to develop, and perfect "hunting grounds" for moguls such as you.

Northern Mozambique and Central Africa have united in one economic space. Exportats are key for the survival of this new country, and you were called to establish rail corridors from the inland populous farming land to the sea and support, in any way you can, a strong national endeavour.

You have 30 years.

Bronze - haul Produce and Bauxite to port cities for ten consecutive years and have 2,000 km of profitable rail tracks.

Silver - haul Produce, Coffee, Meat and Bauxite to port cities for ten consecutive years and have 3,000 km of profitable track.

Gold - as for silver, plus $6,000,000 of industry profits.

Check out this thread in the forums Download


by (andybis)

And now....you have to track a rail through the greatest desert of the world: SAHARA.

Try it, if you think to be good enough!

30 years from now to:

Connect Rabat and Timboctou, and have at least $2 million of industry profits.

Connect Rabat to Dakar, $5 million of industry profits, and haul at least 30 wagons of diesel to Dakar.

You must connect Rabat to all 11 capital cities (all capital cities are marked with *), have $12 million of industry profits, and haul 75 wagons of diesel to Dakar.

-No unconnected track.
-No more than one society can be founded.

Requires the 1.06 Patch
& the Theme Park
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South Africa


by Steve (Mobius) Lorenz
1910-1940South Africa

South Africa land of mineral riches.

Version 1.3

After a war with the Boers, the Union of South Africa has just been formed from former British and Dutch colonies. The railroad must tie these colonies into one nation.

$10 million Personal Net Worth, and have a railroad with a Company Book Value of $15 million, and connect Pretoria with Cape Town.

1. $15 million Personal Net Worth, and have a railroad with Company Book Value of $25 million.
2. Haul 10 loads of autos to Cape Town.
3. Connect 20 or more cities.

1. $25 million in Personal Net Worth, and have a company of $40 million in Company Book value.
2. Haul 25 loads of autos to Cape Town.
3. Haul 5 loads of aluminum to Walvis Bay.
4. Connect 20 or more cities.

You have 30 years to acomplish this task.


Südafrika - Land der Bodenschätze.


Nach dem Burenkrieg bildete sich die Südafrikanische Union aus ursprünglich britischen und holländischen Kolonien. Die Eisenbahn muss diese Kolonien Nun zu einer Nation verbinden.

Dir stehen für nachfolgend genannte Aufgaben insgesamt 30 Jahre zur Verfügung:

+ + + BRONZE + + +
Privatvermögen (PNW) 10 Millionen $ und besitze eine Eisenbahn mit einem Buchwert von 15 Millionen $
Verbinde Pretoria mit Cape Town (Kapstadt)

+ + + SILBER + + +
Privatvermögen (PNW) 15 Millionen $ und besitze eine Eisenbahn mit einem Buchwert von 25 Millionen $
Bringe 10 Ldg. Autos nach Cape Town
Verbinde 20 oder mehr Städte

+ + + GOLD + + +
Privatvermögen (PNW) 25 Millionen $ und besitze eine Eisenbahn mit einem Buchwert von 40 Millionen $
Bringe 25 Ldg. Autos nach Cape Town
Bringe 5 Ldg. Aluminium nach Walvis Bay
Verbinde 20 oder mehr Städte

Deutsche Übersetzung des Szenarios
South Africa von Steve Lorenz
Bernhard Seehaus (Molse) Nov. 2009

von Steve Lorenz (Mobius)
Deutsche Übersetzung Bernhard Seehaus (Molse)
v 1.3

Dies ist eine ziemlich einfache Map mit einer einfachen Geschichte.
Verbinde Pretoria und Kapstadt (Cape Town) innerhalb von 30 Jahren.
Die Produktketten erfordern meist die Ausbreitung der Eisenbahn über
die gesamte Fläche der Karte.

Bei der Übersetzung des Szenarios habe ich bewusst auf eine Eindeutschung
der Städtenamen und anderer geographischer Namen verzichtet, obwohl es
aufgrund der historischen Zusammenhänge gut möglich gewesen wäre.
Dass Cape Town Kapstadt ist, sieht man schnell. Aber um in Witwatersrand
die deutsche Entsprechung Johannesburg zu sehen, muss man sich belesen.

Wer ein wenig mehr zum Umfeld des Szenarios nachlesen möchte, wird in der
deutschen Wikipedia fündig: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zweiter_Burenkrieg

Check out this thread in the forums German version by Bernard (Molse) Seehaus English version German version

Southern Africa

Südliches Afrika

by (andybis)
1925-1960Southern Africa

South Africa!

You need to be quite a good tycoon to give'em a good railroad system!

You have 35 years to:

Connect Capetown to Maputo and Walvisbaat.

Also connect Harare to Lubumbashi, and transport at least 70 wagons of bauxite.

Also connect Luanda to Mombasa, transport at least 125 wagons of bauxite, and 35 wagons of diesel, and be the only active company.

- No unconnected tracks!

1925-1960Südliches Afrika


Um dieser Region zu einem effizienten Eisenbahnsystem zu verhelfen, musst Du schon ein guter Tycoon sein!

Du hast 35 Jahre Zeit für:

Verbinde Capetown mit Maputo und Walvisbaat

Binde auch Harare und Lubumbashi an
Transportiere 70 Ladungen Diamanten

Binde ebenso Luanda und Mombasa an
Transportiere 125 Ladungen Diamanten

Transportiere 35 Ladungen Diesel
Sei die einzige Gesellschaft


Bau unverbundener Stecken deaktiviert

Diamanten werden in diesem Szenario durch Bauxit repräsentiert.

(Original: Andybis / Übersetzung: Sugus)

English version requires the 1.06 Patch German version by Toni (Sugus) Wettenschwiler Check out this thread in the forums English version German version

Tan-Zam Railroad V2

by Ray (OilCan) Albright
1970-2000Tan-Zam Railroad V2

Build the Tanzania-Zambia Railroad and haul copper to Dar.

Start with a simple goal, finish with an empire!

The copper rich country of Zambia is land-locked. Aggression between Zambia and Southern Rhodesia has closed Zambia's only rail route to a sea port. The city of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania is now Zambia's closest port. A railroad to 'Dar' is needed.

This is where you come in. You are tasked to build the Tanzania-Zambia Railroad (TAZARA), and to haul copper (bauxite) from Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia to Dar-es-Salaam. You will start with the Tanzanian section first.

:():Game Goals:():

- Complete the Dar-es-Salaam to Tunduma section of TAZARA Railroad;
- Haul at least 50 cars of copper (bauxite) to Dar-es-Salaam;
- Have a Lifetime Company Profit above $5M.

- Complete the Kapiri Mposhi to Tunduma section of TAZARA Railroad;
- 100 cars of copper to Dar-es-Salaam;
- Lifetime Company Profit above $15M.

- Connect Dar-es-Salaam to Chamba, Arusha and Bukoba;
- 200 cars of copper to Dar-es-Salaam;
- Lifetime Company Profit above $25M.

:(): Conditions :():
Stock market available for player benefit. No train crashes. 30 years.

* Start a company for more information *

(This game originated from an earlier game called TAZARA, developed by Brunom in 2011, and is an extensive modification of Brunom's TAZARA - the player will see similar elements in both this game and TAZARA.)

Tan-Zam Railroad V2 is a revised or corrected version of the original Tan-Zam Railroad created in 2015.

Version 2 corrects a glitch with access to Zambia. Version 2 also presents a revised choice for electric track.

The player can either run only electric engines or only diesel / steam engines, but not both.

OilCan 2017

Revised 5/12/17 Updated version of Bruno (brunom) Morais' Tazara Check out this thread in the forums Download


by Bruno (brunom) Morais

The Tanzania-Zambia railroad, also known as Tazara, is your goal in this scenario.

Start with a single-line project, finish with an empire :)

The mineral wealth of land-locked Zambia is long exploited. Since Germans and English arrived, during the golden age of colonialism several metals are mined and exported.

Recent times have been troubled, however, and with the turmoil in both Zimbabwe and Mozambique there is no open route to haul cargo from Zambia to the Indian Ocean.

In 1964, despite favorable technical surveys, President Kaunda failed to raise funding for a new railroad. Economically, it didn't sound interesting enough for western investors.

This is where you come in. You are tasked, by President Nyerere of Tanzania, to build and manage the Tanzania-Zambia Railroad (Tazara, in short). He assures you that he is very keen in finding international assistance for this, but for now, it's up to you to get started...

~~ Game Goals ~~

Complete the Tan-Zam Railroad
(Dar-es-Salaam to Tunduma);
Haul at least 70 minerals (bauxite) to Dar-es-Salaam;
Have a Lifetime Company Profit over $1M.

The Tan-Zam Railroad, and also Dar-es-Salaam to Arusha;
Over 100 hauls of minerals (bauxite) to Dar-es-Salaam;
Lifetime Profit of $6 million or more.

Connect Dar-es-Salaam to Tunduma, Lindi and Arusha;
Deliver over 180 cars of minerals (bauxite) in Dar-es-Salaam;
Have a Lifetime Profit above $12 million.

The game is on for 32 years (until 1999).

(tazara in short)

This is a stand alone scenario for Rail Road Tycoon 3, 1.05.

It requires Coast to Coast expansion, but none of the user-created later developments in the game.


The scenario is intended to depict reality in 1967. However, for playability, some details have been changed.

The link between Dar-es-Salaam and the north was already built by the East African Railway, which, at the time was a single compay encompassing all three in-game companies. Some players might choose to merge with existing tracks and that is the reason behind this split.

Agricultural production is perhaps over represented, but it would be too difficult to maintain a company profitable in this scenario without that cargo production/demand.

Also, Songea coal reserves are known but still untapped to date.


Scenario is supplied "as is" and everyone has the full right to play, change, improve, share or delete it as they please. If you make any money from my creation, good for you, shame on your parents who did a poor job at bringing you up.

Any comments welcome on, www.http://hawkdawg.com/forums

Check out this thread in the forums Download


by Anders (arop) Pilgaard Sept 21, 1950 - Jan 9, 2014 - R.I.P.

The first railway in Tunesia was built in 1872 between Tunis and La Marsa. In 1881 Tunesia was occupied and colonized by the French, and in 1885 huge deposits of phosphate were discovered.

Tunesia gained her independence in 1956. Game start 1872. Game end 1932.


Have a Company Book Value and a Lifetime Industrial Profit of minimum $100 million, and a Player Net Worth of minimum $25 million, at the beginning of 1932.

Have a CBV and a LIP of minimum $200 million, and a PNW of minimum $50 million, at the start of 1932.

Have a CBV and a LIP of minimum $300 million, and a PNW of minimum $75 million, before the beginning of the year of 1932.

A) No stock trade on margin
B) No bankruptcies
C) No train crashes
D) Limited track. You can only build 500 sections of track per year.
E) Like in the real Tunisian world, you will have limited access to electric locomotives.

A) There is a company bonus of of $10 mill. each for having min. 3000/5000 miles of track before the beginning of 1902/1922.
B) There is a player's bonus of $5 mill. each for hauling min. 2000 loads of rock (phosphate) or wool, lifetime before 1930.

RRT3 v1.06 - version 1.0 - February 2012

Requires the 1.06 Patch
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West Africa 1975-2010

by Bruno (brunom) Morais
1975-2010West Africa

West Africa development is ripe to happen. Come and be the greatest tycoon of the region!

A significant internal market, growing exports and mineral wealth yet to be explored.. what else would you ask for?

There are deep scars from colonialism in West Africa. The region was bled of population first, then made a battling ground for european influence. Finally the cold war funded decades of internal strife.

However, times are achanging, as the poet says. Despite the many conflicts, the region established a joint program for integration in 1975, under the name of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

As we start, your benefactor is President Houphoet-Boigny of Cote D'Ivoire. He has personally made sure some countries would open their borders for you.

Your goals are to connect listed country capitals with your own network. In the process, you are required to absorb existing and decrepit companies into your railway empire.

(1) Connect Dakkar, Banjul, Bissau, Conacry, Freetown, Monrovia, Yamassoukro, Accra, Lome, Porto Novo, Abuja, Niamey, Ouagoudou and Bamako.
(2) You must be the only company operating.

(1) Your network needs to include 10 of the 14 listed capitals.
(2) Again, be the only company operating.

(1) 10 out of the 14 listed capitals must have cross-border railway links.
(2) Your network needs to include three of the following cities: Dakkar, Bamako, Accra and Abuja.
(3) Being the only company is not required.

Time limit: January, 2020.


This is a stand alone scenario for Rail Road Tycoon 3, 1.05.

It requires Coast to Coast expansion, but none of the user-created later developments in the game.
Having said this, however, it does need you to install (if you haven't before) a few extra locomotives.

Scenario is supplied "as is" and everyone has the full right to play, change, improve, share or delete it as they please. If you make any money from my creation, good for you, shame on your parents who did a poor job at bringing you up.

... How to install the locomotives ...
1. Copy all files from the \Data folder in this zip to the equivalent folders in your game directory - they should have the same names.
2. That's it really.

Any comments welcome on www.http://hawkdawg.com/forums

This map requires additional locos (included in the zip)
Check out this thread in the forums

Zambu Email

by Ray (OilCan) Albright
2003-2038Zambu Email

Use a junk e-mail to build a railroad empire!

(4 optional AI)

(Below is a junk e-mail sent to you.)

Office of Disbursements

Dear Beneficiary,

Sincerely, you are a lucky Person because without delay you's are now owning the Great Zambu Incline. This is to notify that the Railroad is for immediate reelease into Your name.

I will provide other informations once yous indicate Willingness. Time is of the signifficance.

Yours faithfully,
Oliver Tembo

GOLD: Build a personal net worth of $200M.
SILVER: PNW of $150M.
BRONZE: PNW of $100M.

Can have up to 4 AI players.
35 Years.

Prices and production are suppressed at start of the game.

Check out this thread in the forums Download