In August of 2008, Rick (thegrindre) Hargraves made a trip to Cass, WV.
Below are links to the videos he took while there.
All videos are in .wmv format.

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Did you know most all Shays lubricated their wheels?
Top speed for the Shay might reach 13 mph

Download this short 2 minute video to hear the announcer and watch the lubrication.
14.3 MB zip

Welcome to Shay #11's cab interior.

Download this 4 1/2 minute long video of the Shay's interior.
23.8 MB zip

Here's a little more on Old #11.

Download this 3 1/2 minute long video.
29.4 MB zip

Here's the Meadow River Skidder #1. It's huge.

Download this 7 minute long video.
51.1 MB zip

For those who love to hear the lonesome whistle, here's Shay #11's in all its glory.
There is no video in this one. Only that lonesome whistle.
394 KB zip

For those interested in the neighborhood housing, the church, and the sidewalks.

Download this 7 minute long video.
49.5 MB zip


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