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As well as the original Railroad Tycoon.

Back in the late 80's, Sid Meier decided to meld his talents at computer game programing with his life long love of trains. While thinking about how much he enjoyed Will Wright's Sim City, he settled on the idea of producing something similar, but more of a game with a purpose as opposed to a "software toy".

After several successful flight and submarine type war game simulators, war games in general, and the popular-"Red Storm Rising" (based on a novel by Tom Clancy), coupled with his knowledge of financing and the stock market, the world was presented with a financier style strategy game based on the railroad industry.

In 1990, Sid and codesigner Bruce Shelley (designer of the Avalon Hill board game, later developed for the PC) released Railroad Tycoon, through MicroProse, a company he and Bill Stealey started in the early 80's (sometimes referred to as "The Bill and Sid Show").

As a DOS based software, Railroad Tycoon took the strategy genre to a level previously not experienced in a PC game. The ability to speed the game up, slow down it's pace and pause the scenario drew even hard core gammers into it's depth of realism. It can be played on easy terms or you get down and dirty with cut throat, robber baron ruthlessness.

Do you relish the idea of calmly building a rail network, watching 100+ trains roll down the track supplying the demands of towns and cities across the land, or does you heart palpitate at the thought of watching a chairman of the board of a major railroad empire ousted out in the street with nothing but the shirt on his back as you wring your hands trying to decide who your next "victim" is going to be?

Whatever your gaming pleasure may be, Railroad Tycoon had the essence of gaming and strategy that drew many a gamer to it's rails.

After the success of Railroad Tycoon, Sid released Railroad Tycoon Deluxe in 1993. This version is basically the same as the original, but with improved sound and graphics.
There's also 2 new maps included. Africa and South America. With the addition of these maps comes more cargo to choose from, more station architecture styles, and some new engines.

They've also made some changes in the animation. In the original version, when you built a bridge, you got to watch the animation of it being built (remember the guy at the end running around, not knowing which way to go?). Well, you don't get to see that anymore, just a really nice picture.


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