RRT 3 Tips and Strategies from the Heineken & Pacific Railroad


Industry is the key to success in RT3. You must learn which industries to acquire and which to pass up. the prices of industries vary greatly over the game. their price closely correlates to about ten times the average of the two or three years of operations. that is why it is good to buy them before their products get to market. In those years, the industry will normally lose money. When it does, its price can dip to a minimum floor price, which is lower than what you can build a new one for. the table has been updated from the industries in 1.05.

The below tables break industry down into two groups. the first group is industries that produce raw goods but cannot be built by the player. these have a minimum price, which is what the industry will never sell below, even if it loses money. Once their products reach a market the prices can often soar to many times this price. My rating is the relative return of value when purchasing this industry. the second group is industries you can build as well as purchase.

Again, the purchase price will be about ten times the yearly profit of the last year or two of this industry. If the industry is losing money, its price will dip below that of what it takes to build a new industry. Also, if you see a message saying that particular industry is being built for the first time its price at that time will be below what it costs to build a new one. the Rating is either A-D or the maximum yearly profit that can be had.

Finding New Industries

Every once in a while a new industry will appear. This is not an easy thing to locate. One way is to select the industry list in the Ledger and page down to the last page of every industry. This will usually tell you the year an industry was built. Most new industries are at the end of this list.

More Cargo

What may be a bug in the program is that after starting a game map, immediately go back and start the same map again. You will usually get a better mix of cargo and industry. In fact, it seems that each time you restart a map without restarting the game you get more cargo on the map.

The game may not be re-initializing the industry placement matrix and just keeps adding new industries, if it can find a place for them. The same industry may not be appearing in the same spot, but it seems like the same spot is always occupied by some industry. I have seen it only reduce the count total two times after more than 20 tries.

Farms and Mines
Industry Retail Price Production Input Output Start Year Rating
Cattle Ranch $350k 2.2 corn livestock 1800 A
Coal Mine $210k 2.2 none coal 1800 B
Coffee Farm $210k 2.2 fertilizer ** coffee 1800 D
Corn Farm $260k 2.2 fertilizer ** corn 1800 C
Cotton Farm $250k 2.2 fertilizer ** cotton 1800 B
Dairy $350k 2.2 corn milk 1800 A+
Fruit Orchard $240k 2.2 fertilizer ** fruit 1800 B
Grain Farm $260k 2.2 fertilizer ** grain 1800 C
Iron Mine $140k 2.2 none iron ore 1800 C-
Logging Camp $140k 2.2
none logs, pulp 1800 C
Oil Well $280k 3.3 none oil 1860 A-D *
Rice Farm $230k 3.3 fertilizer ** rice 1800 ?
Rubber Farm $140k 2.2 fertilizer ** rubber 1900 ?
Sheep Ranch $140k 2.2 corn wool 1800 C+
Sugar Farm $380k 2.2 fertilizer ** sugar 1800 ?
* A with Oil Refinery, B with Plastic Factory, D with House only.
** After 1905
Industry Retail Price Min. Price Production Input Output Start Year Rating
Aluminum Mill $2,000k $1,600k 4.4 bauxite alum 1910 B
Brewery $1,800k $1,400k 5.9 grain, rice alcohol 1800 $365k
Distillery $1,200k $850k 4.0 produce, sugar alcohol 1850 $256k
Lumber Mill $1,300k $800k 5.9 logs lumber 1800 $280k
Meat Packer $2,400k $1,500k 4.0 livestock meat 1800 $300k
Paper Mill $900k $550k 3.0 pulpwood paper 1800 $136k
Steel Mill $2,400k $1,700k 10.0 iron + coal steel 1856 A
Textile Mill $1,100k $750k 4.0 wool, cotton clothing 1800 $240k
Tool & Die $1,600k $1,000k 3.0 alum., iron,
steel, plastic
goods 1800 $300k
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