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Utah Rail History

by (Moabdave)
1868-1920Utah Rail History

Welcome to Utah, the crossroads of the west. In 1868, the United States' First Transcontinental Railroad is almost finished.

By this time, it's obvious that the two rail companies contracted to build the line (Central Pacific from the west and Union Pacific from the east) will meet somewhere near Ogden, Utah.

Construction has already begun on feeder lines from Ogden to Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Pocatello, sealing Ogden's fate as the largest railroad hub in the intermountain west. So as the rest of the nation anxiously waits for the First Transcontinental Railroad to be finished, in Utah, it's a race to Ogden. Conditions favor the Union Pacific to reach Ogden first, but the Central Pacific isn't giving up. Both companies have graded seperate paths around the north shore of the Great Salt Lake, hoping to beat the other company to Ogden. In real life, the two met at Promontory Summit, but the junction was soon moved to Union Station in Ogden. Your mission is to complete some of the most important lines in Utah history.

Conditions: The First Transcontinental Railroad must be finished by the end of 1869. You have until 1920 for the rest.

Bronze: Complete 5 interstate lines.
Silver: Complete 6 interstate lines, plus 15 local lines.
Gold: Complete Silver goals, and complete three planed interstate lines that failed in real life before completion.

Hints: The right-of-ways are expensive. However, all can be earned without having to pay. For most, they will be given to your company in time. For some, you will be offered to give up your companies and start new ones in exchange for access. Once you have access, you may do with the company as you wish. You would be wise to own the majority of stock in at least one company that will succeed. This is so you can retake control of it, should one of your startup companies flounder.

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War Profiteer

by nedfumpkin
1919-?War Profiteer

It's 1919 and you're just back from the muddy trenches of Flanders Fields. You've got a chance to take over a railroad and make it into something really big.

You have a few years army pay, a chest full of medals, and some "treasures."

You've just been given a wonderful opportunity. It seems that The Upper Canada Railway might be up for grabs. Buy up some cheap stock, take over the company, and with a bit of capital you could make this into something big. Be ready for when the next war breaks out and your country calls on you.

You will need to connect the Quebec City - Windsor corridor. Are you be up for the challenge? Remember, war is about profit.
* * *
- Defence of the Realm Medal -
 Haul 100 loads each of diesel and troops, 50 loads of automobiles, and 25 loads each of weapons, ammunition, and goods.  Also have a personal net worth of 20 million dollars.

 * * *
- Defence of the Realm Medal with Bar -
Haul 250 loads of diesel and troops, 100 loads of automobiles, and 50 loads of troops weapons, ammunition and goods. Also have a personal net worth of 50 million dollars.

* * *
- Defence of the Realm Medal with Maple Leaf -
Haul 500 diesel and troops, 200 automobiles, and 100 weapons, ammunition, and goods. Also have a personal net worth of 100 million dollars.

You must produce your own track from hauling lumber and steel. Maximum 250 per year.

Railroad Tyocoon III - War Profiteer.

This scenario is premised on the concept that wars need cargo and troops moved, while at the same time those who supply services to the military make considerable profits.

During the Second World War, Canada supplied Britain with a lot of materiel so this map is premised on that concept. You begin by buying cheap stock and taking over a railroad. It has a line running from Montreal to Ottawa, a maintenace facility and a water tower. You will have to by an engine. You will have $300k to get things going.

You only start out with 500 peices of track. You will need to haul lumber and steel to buy get new track. Industies have been placed on this map and are an accurate representation of the industries in those areas. For example, the auto plants at oakville, oshawa, windsor, and Ste. Therese have real life counter parts. So too do 99% of the other industries. In some cases modifications were made for game play, ie. Hagersville (near Niagara Falls) has a tire dump and in its place is a tire factory. Barracks have been placed only where major armouries or bases existed at the time the map started.

The map should be a reasonable challenge, and it should provide the player with some different options for game play. Watch out for the stock market crash in 29.



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Warming Trend

Tendenz zu Erwärmung

Tendance au Réchauffement

Les Conditions se Réchauffent

by Joe (JayEff) Fitzpatrick
1857-1887Warming Trend

An Alternate History of Canada - After centuries of warfare and a mini-Ice Age, the region looks forward to times of rapid growth.

The Little Ice Age is ending, and the population is once again growing. The War of 1812, in concert with the bitter cold, caused the British to abandon their colonies in North America, and as for the Americans, they have retreated southward and toward the ocean. The Haudenosaunee continue to hold all of their traditional homeland, west of the 1763 Royal Proclamation line.

… And you are CEO of La Compagnie Nord-Ouest, the only corporation remaining in Canada. Opportunities abound!

BRONZE - CBV $40M within 30 years.
GOLD - CBV $80M and earn at least $6 million shipping to each of 5 territories.

- No unconnected track - canoes cannot bring the rail you need.
- No new companies, no quitting - you are it.
- No bonds - there are no banks here and little money.
- You cannot buy existing industries but may build your own at a 20% discount.

1857-1887Tendenz zu Erwärmung

Eine alternative Geschichte von Kanada - Nach Jahrhunderten der Kriegsführung und des Mini-Eis Alters blickt die Region vorwärts zu den Zeiten des schnellen Wachstums.

Die Kleine Eiszeit ist beendet und die Bevölkerung wächst einmal mehr. Der Krieg von 1812, im Einklang mit der bitteren Kälte, veranlasste die Briten, ihre Kolonien in Nordamerika zu verlassen und was die Amerikaner anbetrifft, so haben sie sich in Richtung Süden zum Ozean hin zurückgezogen. Die Haudenosaunee (Irokesen) fahren fort, ihr ganzes traditionelles Vaterland westlich der königlichen Proklamationslinie von 1763 zu halten.

Und Du bist nunmehr der CEO von La Compagnie Nord-Ouest, der einzigen Korporation, welche in Kanada bleibt. Gelegenheiten im Überfluss!

Du hast 30 Jahre Zeit für:

Firmenbuchwert 40 Millionen $

Firmenbuchwert 60 Millionen $

Firmenbuchwert 80 Millionen $
je 6 Millionen $ durch Lieferungen
in 5 Territorien

Ausgabe/Rückzahlung von Anleihen deaktiviert
Bau unverbundener Stecken deaktiviert
Kauf von bestehenden Industriegebäuden deaktiviert
Als Vorsitzender gefeuert werden deaktiviert
Rücktritt als Vorsitzender deaktiviert
Gründung von Gesellschaften deaktiviert

(Original: JayEff / Übersetzung: Sugus)

1857-1887Tendance au Réchauffement

Une autre histoire du Canada - Après des siècles de guerre et d'un mini Ice Age, la région se réjouit à la fois de croissance rapide.

La petite période glaciaire est en train de finir et la population se développe de nouveau. La guerre de 1812, de concert avec le froid amer, a fait abandonner les Anglais leurs colonies en Amérique du Nord. Et les Américains ont retraité au sud et vers l'océan. Les Haudenosaunees continuent à tenir toute leur patrie traditionnelle, à l'ouest de la ligne royale de la proclamation 1763.

Et vous êtes le président de la La Compagnie Nord-Ouest, la seule société restante au Canada. Les occasions abondent!

Vous êtes donnés 30 ans pour accomplir ces objectifs :

BRONZE - Obtenez $ 40 millions VCC

ARGENT - Obtenez $ 60 millions VCC

L'OR - Obtenez $ 80 millions VCC et gagnent au moins $6 millions de cargaisons de expédition à cinq des six territoires.

- Aucuns liens. Il n'y a aucune banque ici et peu d'argent.
- Aucunes nouvelles compagnies, aucun stopper. C'est pour vous de faire.
- Aucune voie déconnectée. Les canots ne peuvent pas apporter les rails que vous avez besoin.
- Vous ne pouvez pas acheter des industries existantes mais vous pouvez construire vos bâtiments à un escompte de 20%.

1857-1887Les Conditions se Réchauffent

Une autre histoire du Canada - Après des siècles de guerre et d'un mini Ice Age, la région se réjouit à la fois de croissance rapide.

La Petite Période Glaciaire touche à sa fin et la population croît à nouveau. La Guerre de 1812, couplée à un froid glacial, a forcé les Britanniques à abandonner leurs colonies d'Amérique du Nord. Quant aux Américains, ils se sont retirés plus au sud et vers l'océan. Les Haudenosaunees continuent de contrôler l'intégralité de leur territoire ancestral situé à l'ouest de la ligne établie par la Proclamation Royale de 1763. 

Et vous êtes le Président de la Compagnie Nord-Ouest, la seule compagnie encore en activité au Canada. Les opportunités ne manquent pas ! 

Vous disposez de 30 ans pour accomplir les objectifs suivants :

BRONZE - Obtenir une Valeur Comptable de la Compagnie de 40 millions de dollars. 

ARGENT - Obtenir une Valeur Comptable de la Compagnie de 60 millions de dollars.

OR - Obtenir une Valeur Comptable de la Compagnie de 80 millions de dollars  et des revenus d'au moins 6 millions provenant des livraisons effectuées à chacun des cinq territoires. 

- Vous ne pouvez pas poser de voies non connectées aux voies existantes : les canoës ne peuvent vous apporter les rails nécessaires.
- Vous ne pouvez pas créer de nouvelles compagnies, vous ne pouvez pas démissionner : c'est à vous qu'incombe la réussite.
- Vous ne pouvez pas émettre d'actions : il n'y a pas de banques et peu d'argent en circulation.
- Vous ne pouvez pas racheter les industries existantes mais vous pouvez construire vos propres bâtiments pour des coûts réduits de 20 %.

Check out this thread in the forums German version by Toni (Sugus) Wettenschwiler French version 2 by Raphael (Logales) Lemaire English version German version French version French version 2

West Coast Run

by Steve Mortenson
1875-1900West Coast Run

Connect the midwest states with the west coast.
You have 25 years to complete the following:

Connect Minneapolis and St.Paul with Sacramento.
Earn $50 million in industry profits.

Along with the above, connect to Kansas City.
Earn $75 million in industry profits.

Connect Seattle and Denver to your line.
Earn $100 million in industry profits.

You can only start one company.
No unconnected track building.

No description... Download

West Coast USA


by Steve (Mobius) Lorenz
1950-1980West Coast USA

After WWII, many ex-military from the midwest and east saw the beauty of the West Coast, and pulled up stakes and came to live.
Now the railroads must build to support the newcomers.

The west coast is itching for a new rail line to run length of country. The trek isn't easy, and involves some fancy trackwork around and through the mountains. To make matters worse, California is experiencing growing pains. New industries have to be built to accomodate the millions moving there.

BRONZE - Connect Los Angeles to San Francisco in 20 years.

SILVER - Meet the bronze requirements, and connect Seattle to LA in 30 years.

GOLD - Connect Los Angeles to Seattle, and haul at least 20 loads of coal and 10 loads of uranium to California from the surrounding states, in 30 years or less.


Nach dem 2. Weltkrieg wird die Westküste von Umsiedlern aus dem Mittelwesten und dem Osten der USA förmlich überrannt.
Eine Bahn muss her, um die Neuankömmlinge zu unterstützen.

Besonders Ex-Militärs haben nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg die Schönheit der Westküste erkannt, viele haben ihre Habe zusammengepackt und siedeln sich hier nun an. Die Westküste schreit förmlich nach einer neuen Eisenbahn, die das gesamte Gebiet erschließt. Doch die Landschaft verspricht bei der Trassierung einige Probleme, vor allem über und durch die vielen Berge.

Um die Sache noch zu verschärfen, hat Kalifornien weitere Sorgen. Neue Industrien müssen angesiedelt werden, um den Millionen Neuankömmlingen Arbeit und Lohn zu bieten.

+ + + BRONZE + + +
Verbinde Los Angeles und San Francisco innerhalb 20 Jahre

+ + + SILBER + + +
Verbinde Los Angeles mit San Francisco und Seattle innerhalb 30 Jahre

+ + + GOLD + + +
Zusätzlich zu den Silberbedingungen bringe 20 Ladungen Kohle und 10 Ladungen Uran aus den umliegenden Bundesstaaten nach Kalifornien, innerhalb von 30 Jahren oder weniger.

German version by Bernard (Molse) Seehaus English version German version

West from Chicago

by Anders (arop) Pilgaard (R.I.P.)
1865-1940West from Chicago

The first railroad constructed out of Chicago was the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad, serving the lead mines at Galena in 1848.
In the years to follow, more railroads were built, and Chicago developed into the world's largest railroad hub.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: Before 25 years from game start you must connect 40 cities. If you fail, you have lost the game.

You have until the beginning of 1940 to win:

BRONZE: Have a Company Book Value and a Lifetime Industrial Profit of $200 million, and a Player Net Worth of $50 million.

SILVER: Have a CBV and LIP of $300 million, and a PNW of $100 million.

GOLD: Have a CBV and LIP of $500 million, and a PNW of $150 million.

A) There is a $10 million company bonus, each, for having 5000/10.000/15.000/20.000 miles of track before 30/45/60/75 years from game start.

B) There is a $5 million player bonus, each, for hauling 2000 loads of lumber, grain or coal or 1000 loads of corn or steel.

C) There is a 3/5/7/10 million player bonus for connecting 80/120/160/200 cities before 35/50/65/75 years from game start.

D) There is a company bonus of $25 million when your company-owned electric plants' lifetime production exceeds 30.000 GigaWatt hours.

SPECIAL INDUSTRIES: These industries (warehouses) are optional, but are not seeded on this map.
A) Maple syrup plant: 1 log = 1 sugar.
B) Crystal processing plant: 1 crystals = 1 rock before 1905, 1 crystals = 1 fertilizer from 1905.

A) No train crashes.
B) Limited locomotive availability and track building for AI's (max. 175 units per year).
C) +1000 units of track per year for human player.
D) In the beginning AI's have access to Indiana, Illinois & Iowa only. After 20 years, they gain access to Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

RRT3-v1.06 version 1.1 June 2012

Requires the 1.06 Patch Download

Western Fruit Express

by Richard (Orange46) Lake
1900-2010Western Fruit Express

New York City wants fresh fruit. Can you deliver?

For Bronze, just have a company book value of $20 million at the end of 2010.

For Silver, you need a company book value of $40 million.

For Gold, have a company book value of $60 million by 2010 and deliver at least 7 full loads of Aluminum to New York's industries in any single year, and at least 7 loads of Produce to their markets in any single year. The aluminum and produce do not have to be delivered in the same year.

Original map by Kraellin.

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Western Pacific

by Philip (SteamTrain) Remington
1869-?Western Pacific

The Union Pacific has connected Sacrimento to the east coast. The west coast is itching for a new rail line to run along the western shore.

This scenario requires experience and luck in the stock market to reach the Gold level. Tycoons are nornally stock manipulators, but you should be able to enjoy it even if you do not like to dabble in stocks.

This scenario requires the 1.06 patch to work. The l.06 patch is available at Hawk & Badger Railroad website - http://hawkdawg.com.

To load this scenario you must also install "Rail Yard Structures" user created add-on, by  Michael (WP&P) Rountree & Ned Fumpkin, available at Hawk & Badger Railroad website.

I have provided RR logos to be used with the game if it is desired. The RR logos can be copied into the \Data\UserExtraContent folder of the Railroad Tycoon 3 program folder.

Requires the 1.06 Patch, & extra logos (included in the zip)
Also requires the Rail Yard Structures


by Ray (OilCan) Albright

What if Yellowstone had never become a national park?
Use your railroad and your wits to claim it!

Welcome to Yellowstone - the land of shooting geysers, boiling streams, bubbling mud pits, majestic waterfalls and massive herds of bison. This was an era when wilderness was to be tamed, to be exploited, and Yellowstone was no exception.

But, some wanted to preserve Yellowstone. They urged Congress to pass an act to set it aside as the world's first national park. The vote failed in March of 1872, and Yellowstone remained free from the grasp of the preservationists. This ignited the public's interest in Yellowstone and they all now want to see this land of wonder.

You have been hired to develop the tourist industry in Yellowstone, plus haul out all the other resources of the area. Northern Pacific Railroad has already constructed a train station at Yellowstone's northern town of Gardiner. Use Gardiner as the gateway.

You have 26 years (1873-1898).

GOLD: Connect all 40 cities, haul 750 loads of passengers (of which 150 must be from Gardiner) and earn $75 million Industry Profit.

SILVER: Connect Gardiner to Colter Bay, plus 29 other cities, haul 500 loads of passengers (of which 100 must be from Gardiner) and earn $50 million Industry Profit.

BRONZE: Connect Gardiner to Colter Bay, haul 400 loads of passengers, earn $35 million Industry Profit.

Special Conditions: No train crashes, no hotels/restaurants/etc.

This is snow country in the winter - deep snow! This means trains run slow, track building is expensive and very few passengers come to visit. Use the winters to scout things out, to invest in industry and to sit by the fire.

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